Sunday, May 8, 2011

Take a Chance on "Unadoptable"

This is Miss Peanut, a nine pound tortoiseshell Manx who's large and in charge.  She mows down cat grass like a lawnmower, loves to lick your toes, and insists on scooting her water bowl to the middle of the floor.  It's hard to imagine that she's unadoptable, but since she's had chronic bronchitis most of her life, no rescue agency would ever consider trying to find a home for her.  Even the so-called "no kill" shelters put animals like this down without ever attempting to find homes for them.  I took her in after my mother died, and even though I've never adopted an older cat before,  it's been an absolute joy to have her in my life.  My other cats aren't too thrilled with the idea, but Peanut is too busy living large to care.  And her bronchitis?  She hasn't coughed a single time since I moved her to my smoke-free home.  All she really needed was the same love and care every other pet needs.  So take a chance on "unadoptable."  And if you need to smoke, take it outside

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