Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Thumbs Up for the Ultimate Scratching Post!

I looked at cat scratchers for a long time before deciding to try the Ultimate Scratching Post.  My cats are quite large . . . okay HUGE . . . and like all cats, pretty rambunctious.  They needed a scratching post that would take a lot of scratching as well as full-body assaults, and not flip over on the floor.  The Ultimate Scratching Post has turned out to be a great investment.  Not only is the sisal fabric holding up to Kiki the razor-claw-shredder, but the base is wide enough to withstand my half Norwegian Forest cat Peeps' attempts to tackle it and throw it to the ground.  We've had it for over six months now, and it hasn't been damaged or flipped over yet!  Now if only I could have my couch covered in that sisal fabric . . . Available at many retailers including Petco and Drs. Foster and Smith, but I found the best price on ebay.  (Yes, this is the seller I purchased it from.  Also thumbs up!)  

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