Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miele Sucks (In a Good Way)

I've been through three vacuums in less than ten years trying to get the pet hair off my carpet.  An ancient Kenmore canister (a great vacuum, may it rest in peace), a Hoover upright (inherited, and it never picked up fur to begin with) and a Vax bagless (aka "duct-tape-vac") that literally fell to pieces.  I knew it was time for a REAL vacuum!  No more bagless or uprights for me, and it had to have an electric rotating brush.  After watching the YouTube video Miele vs Kenmore, I was sold on the Miele brand.  I had planned on buying the Callisto with my tax refund, but a local dealer offered me the higher model Aquarius for the same price.  We've had it for a month now, and we are VERY pleased with it!  It really does make cat hair disappear!  And (bonus) it's very quiet and the brush fits under the bed, couch, and other furniture quite nicely.  My house hasn't been this clean in a long long time!  

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