Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kong Wubba Tested and Approved!

The studio cats have officially tested and approved the Kong Wubba Teaser for cats.  We got the hot pink one from PetSmart for about $6.  It's basically a catnip-infused fabric octopus (wubba) on a string with a telescoping plastic wand.  The wand, string, and wubba are ALL popular with the gatos.  Peeps is currently chewing on the stick while Ollie hops up and down on the wubba.  Available in various colors and also a wooly version called "hugga wubba."  I did not see it on the PetSmart website yet, but Amazon is offering the wubba teaser, the hugga wubba, and even a wubba mouse!  Meow-za!  

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