Sunday, November 2, 2008

Petmate Litter Locker

I haven't tried this yet, but what a great idea!  It works very much like Diaper Genie.  You open the top, scoop in the "clumps," turn the round handle, and they're sealed inside layers of plastic.  Viola!  Once the containment ring is full, you throw it away and put in a new one.  I've already seen some outrageous prices for this system.  QVC wants $54 for the locker alone.  ACK!  Walmart has the best price at $22.94.  It's reasonably priced at PetSmart and Petco as well.  Walmart has the best price on the refill cartridges at $7.94 each.  I did notice that they have Litter Locker (black and white) and Litter Locker Plus (blue and white), but they're both exactly the same size and take the same refills.  

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